FlixUnblocker FAQ

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How to unblock Netflix US & Hulu?

Close Netflix

Before connecting, close both Netflix and FlixUnblocker. Apps must be removed from your recents before a successful connection.

Open FlixUnblocker

Connect to the VPN. Make sure Netflix is closed when you are connecting. Make sure you are connected by verifying the VPN/lock icon on your status bar.

Launch Netflix/Hulu

Launch Netflix and wait for the home screen to load. You can verify you are connected to US Netflix by checking 'Top #10 in U.S Today' section in home.

Connection issues?

In case you are having trouble accessing the US content on Netflix or Hulu with FlixUnblocker VPN, we suggest you go to your device settings -> Netflix -> Clear Storage -> then Connect to FlixUnblocker -> Launch Netflix -> Login and enjoy! More detailed instructions are provided here

This usually happens when you have Netflix opened before connecting. We advise you to close Netflix app before connecting to FlixUnblocker.

If the issue still persists, please try to disconnect WiFi and switch to 4G/3G, enough to open the home screen. After successful loading, switch back to WiFi for streaming. This is sometimes necessary because Netflix saves connection cache on your device and needs a change of IP address to reload new results (US library).

If your Netflix is not showing american content, please disconnect from FlixUnblocker, close both FlixUnblocker and Netflix apps. Open FlixUnblocker first, connect to the VPN and after successful connection, open Netflix. If you scroll down on the Netflix home screen you should see Top #10 US TV Shows (which means you are seeing the US library).

If you get a ‘Samsung’ error while connecting, this is due to a bug released from Samsung in August 2020 that applies to majority of VPN apps. Unfortunately this is only fixed from your end. Instructions are provided here

Please contact us via the Live Chat box or write us a line in the contact form here.

General questions

FlixUnblocker works with almost every streaming application that exists. It mainly is used as a Netflix VPN and Hulu VPN to access the geo-restricted US content that is available on both streaming platforms.

Please contact us on live chat or via the contact form in the Contact Us page. We will assist you immediately and make sure you get your 3 days free trial to FlixUnblocker Premium and unblock Netflix & Hulu.

FlixUnblocker is exclusively only on Android. The app works with the earliest versions of Android till the latest ones. Download the app on Google Play for free now.

FlixUnblocker is available worldwide. You can download the app and use it for free even if you are on the Cayman Islands.

FlixUnblocker is free and always will be. It’s the only free Netflix VPN and Hulu VPN on the market.

You will know that your free Netflix VPN is active when you click Connect and after a few seconds, a key icon will show next to your WiFi settings on the status bar of your Android like shown below.

All of the FlixUnblocker’s servers are currently located in the United States. This is the pure reason why the app is successful and works extraordinary. Having the servers in the United States allows us to provide you with the fastest solution to unblock US Netflix, unblock US Hulu and other US locked streaming services (HBO, Fubo etc.)

We have many servers available as a precautionary action in case one of them goes offline. If you still fail to get a successful connection, please contact us.