Get American Netflix in Canada for Free


Why should you get US Netflix in Canada?

So, you’re probably wondering – what’s wrong with the Canadian Netflix and why should I get American Netflix in Canada? Well, the short answer and what Netflix wants you to know is: nothing. The long answer and the true one? Everything.

Let us start from the top. Netflix is a streaming service that offers its customers the ability to watch TV shows and movies at a fixed price per month. Currently, it’s available in most of the countries in the world. But why in some countries some movies are available while in others not?

Netflix buys the license to stream of its most movies and TV shows, while the ones that get produced in-house are usually available worldwide. When they buy the license, they do not buy the license to stream it worldwide, rather they buy it for a few countries, or usually: for United States only – because there is where it’s most customers are – thus you don’t get American Netflix in Canada. Also, the laws in Canada for movie distribution rights are different, that is why US Netflix has more content than Canadian Netflix.

And the results are surprising. You would be amazed how many movies and TV shows you are missing in Canada while you can watch all of those, with a simple Netflix Unblocker.

So, how can I unblock it?

Get American Netflix in Canada with a free Netflix Unblocker

That’s simple. All you need to access the fun content that’s available in the US, is a Netflix Unblocker. With such an unblocker, you can also fix “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” Netflix error.

An unblocker, is an IP changer for your device which lets you “mask” your IP from the Canadian one to the US one. And there are a couple of free ones available on the market that let you get American netflix in Canada, but wait…

Netflix isn’t dumb. They have blocked nearly 99% of the datacenter that use these IPs and they practically don’t allow you to use one. Instead you get this screen:

“You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again”.

The famous Netflix Proxy error. Well, lucky for you – we have a solution.

Our free app that’s available now on Google Play is the first and only FREE app that lets you watch American netflix in Canada and other countries. It’s a freemium Netflix Unblocker and is available for free – no paid subscriptions!

It’s as simple as installing the app, connecting and enjoying American netflix content for FREE.


The US Netflix has way more content than the Canadian one. It has roughly 30%+ titles (movies and TV shows compared) and the numbers add up from month to month. This is due to movie distribution laws that are different in countries.

To unblock Netflix and get US Netflix in Canada, you need to use a Netflix unblocker. Most of the ones that are available on the Play Store, usually are blocked by Netflix and presented with the famous Netflix proxy error.

The only free app to get American Netflix in Canada for free is FlixUnblocker, and you can get it for free on the Play Store

United States’s Netflix

641 Movies
263 TV shows

US American Netflix

12658 Movies
3053 TV shows