How to fix “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” on Netflix for free

You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy

The only Netflix unblocker that works. Fix the Netflix proxy error once and for all.

You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.

This is easily the most frustrating error you can ever encounter on Netflix. It basically means that the VPN you are using, even if you’re paying for it, is already blacklisted by Netflix and will not work in a million years unless you change it. Lucky for you, we have a free solution.

Why would you want to use a Netflix Unblocker?

The idea behind a Netflix Unblocker is simple. Netflix has a larger library of movies and TV shows in the US in comparison with United States‘s Netflix. Another reason might be that Netflix might be blocked in your country by your ISP, your school, work and other institutions.

In these cases, we search on Google or Play Store for apps or extensions that allow us to unblock Netflix and access American Netflix. Netflix though, being a powerful company and all, obviously knows this – and blocks all VPN Datacenter IP’s – and you guessed it right, it obviously does a good job since you’re here reading this article. But how can we fix the Netflix proxy error?


The free Netflix unblocker

FlixUnblocker is an app that acts as a dynamic VPN that concurrently changes the IP of your smartphone with high-speed, anonymous and super-fresh US proxies that Netflix is unable to detect.

The app allows you to unblock Netflix, unblock Hulu and other streaming services free of charge. It’s currently the only app in the Play Store that can provide such service free of charge.

With a huge list of dynamic IPs in store, it’s practically impossible for Netflix to block their app, this meaning that you’ll enjoy unblocking Netflix and fixing proxy error within seconds – you just download the Netflix unblocker on Play Store, click Connect and you’re good to go!

Get the free Netflix Unblocker on Google Play

Can I use this app on my TV?

Unfortunately, this free unblocker for Netflix is available only for Android. It will be soon available for Android TV but we haven’t received a word yet from the developers.

What movies am I missing?

You can check some of the movies you are missing here. This allows you to check also the statistics of your country’s Netflix library counter and American Netflix numbers.

You can obviously see that you are missing a lot, and an unblocker for Netflix is mandatory these days. You can just thank AKER Solutions that this app is for free 😊.

If you ever have trouble with the app, you can always contact us here.

United States’s Netflix

641 Movies
263 TV shows

US American Netflix

12658 Movies
3053 TV shows